Why Lisbon?

International, multicultural and open source. Where crypto earnings are tax exempt.


Lisbon is a city with 504.000 international residents and approximately 2 million people as non-habitual residents staying for seasons or visiting the city several times per year. In 2018, Lisbon was a temporary home of 28 million people passing by for holidays or for sporadic habitation.

As a Portuguese half-Brazilian citizen, living in Lisbon for a decade and grown-up in São Paulo for over 20 years, Lisbon has brought to me the great combination of all the facilities of big cities like São Paulo, London or New York in a relaxed and international environment of a forever vacation. I never really belonged to a country or specific culture, and in Lisbon I feel that culture transcends a physical barrier.

Raphael Racor, Lisbon crypto hub founder.

Lisbon, quickly became an international city of mixed cultures from all over the world, namely, Portuguese, Brazilian, British, German, French, Italian, American, Nepalese, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Russian, Ukrainian, and several other communities are as huge as the local population in Lisbon.

It’s a fertile ground for creating inspiring solutions for humans, where nature blesses us with 260 sunny days per year and a warm weather, barely below 10 celsius degrees and rarely above 28. Beautiful landscapes, beaches, the 16th largest river in Europe, with a huge variety of seafood and local cultures, and also a cruiser ship port receiving the largest vessels in the world every day.

Lisbon is home to hundreds of cooperatives and mindful associations created by the people to the people, developing a variety of financial systems such as contribution credits in grocery shops. Some of them are

    • Rizoma, sells local products of high-end quality only for members who actively contribute to the initiative.

    • Fruta feia, is a local organisation that sells fresh vegetables that weren’t picked by the largest chains of supermarkets for aesthetic reasons.

    • Lisbon Crypto Hub, which will become the most attractive hub for creators of Web3 and other professionals that can contribute to the ecosystem and growth of the industry. Driven by the community and guided by the most exquisite standards of technology, aesthetic and mindful way of living and working.

    • Brewery areas with high-end quality of beers, crafted by professionals living in Lisbon, from countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Portugal, with a solid cultural scene, concerts and festivals throughout the year.

    • Hundreds of associations like Arroz Estudios and Bus are a stage for nightlife in Lisbon in an innovative way where people are members developing an ecosystem instead of only consuming passively.

Despite being a dream city, Portugal has  now has a lot of new residents who’ve applied to the new visas issued by the government, some of the most common visas for non-European citizens are:

    • Digital Nomads visa, which allows anyone with a 2800€ monthly salary to have one year hassle-free to enjoy the best living in Europe. This visa can be renewed every year and become a permanent residence visa.

    • The residence visa allows anyone coming to Portugal to legally live in the country by proving a minimum subsidy by active income. The residence visa requires details like a job contract and social security subscription and it can be renewed every year, valid in every European country.

    • The D7 is a visa for pensioners or anyone who has enough passive income from intellectual property or so;

    • D4 and D5 are student visas that allow students all over the globe to complete their studies in Portugal;

Lisbon has still one of the most affordable costs of living in Europe, where a meal for 2 people in a regular restaurant hardly will be over 40€, public transports for 1,40€, Ubers in the central region for 5€ per rides, Uber eats, Bolt food and Glovo are some of the most commons applications used for remote shopping in Lisbon.

The Web3 community in Lisbon nowadays is around 5000 professionals, this number is a sum of all the Web3 active groups of Telegram in Lisbon. Websummit hosted 70.000 international visitors in 2022 and thousands of attendees in Web3 events such as Protocol Labs Summit, Eth Lisbon, Solana Breakpoint, Polkadot subzero and others.

Lisbon has a very active Web3 Community attending meetings and events every day (Eventbrite) but still has no co-working space dedicated to Web3 creators.

Looking for more reasons to invest in the Web3 future in Lisbon and more information about the city? Take a read at DoinLisbon.com.