About us

The Lisbon Crypto Hub is a project brought by Raphael Racor and Jeff Spirlock, designed to solve Web3 community weaknesses in Portugal and engage community, culture and productivity in the local industry.

Raphael Racor

Raphael Racor is a talented communicator with a solid experience of 14 years producing marketing strategies for web in agencies and startups, and recently a wealth of experience in the Ethereum community. 

With a passion for blockchain technology and a keen eye for detail, he has played an instrumental role in the success of ETHRioETHBarcelona, and Protocol Labs Summit, working with Peregrine and DoinGud team. 

In addition to his success as a conference producer, he is also the founder of DoinLisbon, a website and community dedicated to promoting and developing the blockchain ecosystem in Lisbon, and bringing awareness to the general public.  

Raphael is also an artist and music producer with a youtube channel with 9K subscribers, currently the hugest musical community in Portugal, leading the music market in Portugal through his initiatives within the Portuguese speaking communities (Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Moçambique and others).

Through DoinLisbon, he has helped to bring together an innovative and engaged community of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of The Lisbon Crypto Hub, which is set to be Lisbon’s first cryptocurrency-centric co-working space. 

With a focus on creating a collaborative and supportive environment for those working in the blockchain space, The Lisbon Crypto Hub will be a key hub for innovation and growth in the region.

As a respected writer and commentator on blockchain technology, he is also helping to shape the conversation around this exciting and rapidly evolving industry. 

Through his work at DoinLisbon and The Lisbon Crypto Hub, Raphael is playing a key role in driving innovation, collaboration, and growth in the blockchain space, both in Lisbon and beyond.

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