The First Lisbon Web3 Co-work

Raising 360.000,00€ for the pioneer crypto hub in Lisbon. With the capacity of 150 co-workers, The Lisbon Crypto Hub is a dream venue for Web3 companies and enthusiasts to have access to education, parties and the amazing community of Lisbon.

} Why Lisbon?

With 260 sunny days and stunning beaches around, Lisbon has a relaxed environment and great quality of life. 

Lisbon leads the Web3 revolution in Europe with the largest international community and offers special visas for all kind of Digital Nomads for at least 1 year. 

Stage of several epic events for the Web, such as Web Summit, Protocol Labs Summit 22 and Solana Breakpoint, Lisbon is certainly the ideal city for the future of work, bringing together quality of life, great international community and joy. 

Tiers {


One time (year)
  • 1 Yearly membership
  • Access to exclusive events


2 Members Startup
One time (year)
  • 2 yearly membershipY
  • Access to exclusive events
  • 1 Keynote/ Event + open bar rooftop*


Small team, big business
One time (year)
  • 4 Yearly memberships
  • Access to exclusive events
  • 2 Keynote/ Event + open bar rooftop*
  • Internal Ads*


The ecosystem gives back
One time (year)
  • 8 Yearly memberships
  • Access to exclusive events
  • 4 Keynote/ Event + open bar rooftop*
  • Internal Ads*
  • 1 Private party*


Changing the world
One time (year)
  • 16 Yearly memberships
  • 1 Yearly private studio for 5 members
  • Access to exclusive events
  • 8 Keynote/ Event + open bar rooftop*
  • Internal Ads*
  • 1 article about your project + 1 insertion in our podcast*
  • 3 Private parties*


Leading the way
One time (year)
  • 32 Yearly memberships
  • 2 Yearly private studios for 5 members
  • Access to exclusive events
  • 20 Keynote/ Event + open bar rooftop*
  • Internal Ads*
  • 1 article about your project + 1 insertion in our podcast*
  • 8 Private parties*

A Custom
Offer or a Donation {

Looking for a proficient vehicle to showcase your brand or protocol on Web3? Look no further! This is your chance to reach out to the largest Web3 community in Europe. We offer a plethora of opportunities including hackathons, private events, keynote speeches, broadcasting campaigns, graphics and video, exposure on our podcast, and in our newsletter. Choose the model that best suits your needs and achieve maximum exposure for your brand

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Custom Offer
? One time
  • Memberships
  • Private studio
  • Exclusive events
  • Keynote/ Event
  • Internal ads
  • External Ads
  • Private parties

} What We Do

High-end Co-working Space

Groundbreaking fusion of culture and community revolutionizing blockchain technology

Web3 Education

Get a competitive edge with exclusive access to the forefront of industry leaders teaching masterclasses and hosting informal meetups.

Communications and Production

Boutique branding for unique concepts curated by event technology experts.

Livestream Studios

High-end isolated podcast rooms equipped with the most cutting-edge A/V technology.

Art Compounding

Immersive experiences created with the intention of gathering the brightest minds in arts, empowering communities of creators.

Chilling Rooftop

Daily meetups, cocktails and yoga sessions with the most stunning view of Europe are only the beginning.

Roadmap {

Q3 2022
Research and idealization

Market research, business model, SWOT analysis, and website building - will help our business build a strong foundation in Q4 2022 and beyond. These tools provide valuable

insight into our target market, competition, and overall business strategy, which will help us to

make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Q1 2023
Fundraising Campaign

During this period, we will not measure efforts to promote our goal, in order to make this opportunity visible to investors, we will create contents such as videos, community meetings and articles delivering weekly reports about the evolution of the fundraising campaign. 

Q2 2023

Finding the ideal space is fundamental. The rents in Lisbon will be around 8.000€ for our project. The ideal location is in a trending area of Lisbon, (Beato), where there is an ecosystem of high relevance to the community and to the sponsors' interests. 

Q3 2023
The Grand Opening

Hosting a sponsor-powered open bar evening that features a plethora of compelling content live-streamed to the community is an excellent way to invigorate and heighten awareness of the new community space. 

An immersive experience that captivates members, sponsors, and the community, inspiring and enticing creation will elevate community empowerment potential.

Through careful planning and execution of the opening celebration, we will create a memorable and engaging experience for the community, which will help build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and long-term success.

October 2023
Lisbon Blockchain Month

By establishing the Lisbon Crypto Hub as the epicenter for Lisbon Blockchain month, we will create a robust platform that catalyzes innovation, fosters collaboration, and promotes the development of the blockchain industry.

Hosting a diverse range of side events and a hacker base, providing a comprehensive platform for blockchain enthusiasts and professionals to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate. 

Lisbon Crypto Hub is the central hub for information on all events during Lisbon Blockchain Month.

Q1 2024
Improvements for 2024

We maintain a strong focus on community building and engagement, as this is a crucial factor in the sustained success of the hub. 

We will develop a targeted improvement plan that outlines specific steps we will take to address any issues or gaps and improve on our strengths.

 By continuing to evolve and innovate, we maintain our position as a leader in the blockchain community and ensure the community in Europe remains strong, vibrant, and dynamic. 

By delivering value to our sponsors and co-workers, we can continue to grow and expand our reach while fostering positive development in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

} Why Choose Us

Networking Opportunities

Unparalleled networking opportunities with Web 3 industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs.

Access To Resources

Top-tier resources and cutting-edge technology to fuel your crypto-related initiatives.

State of the Art facilities

Discover the latest in blockchain innovation at Europe’s state-of-the-art crypto innovation center.

Qualified community

Web3 community growth hacking strategies at our groundbreaking innovation center in Lisbon

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